Breakfast at Bolt

This weekend I tried cute little eatery Bolt down in Hollywood.  It was my first time going there. A friend of mine had just moved to town and I told here to randomly pick a place and the two of us would try it. She came up with bolt. It ended up being super cute.  When I heard the name bolt my first thought was lighting but they had gone the more industrial route like nuts and bolts. All of there name stands for the foods were made from different size bolts. Both my friend and I got the french toast. It was two thick slices of brioche with a couple slices of cheddar cheese and green apples on the side. The little sides were a nice touch but I do wish they were incorporated more into the french toast.  Overall it was very good, although I always have this problem in cafe style places, at the end of the meal do I bus? There are so many places now that you are supposed to take your dirty dishes somewhere that when I go to a new place I never know what to do. They really need a big sign, because i always feel awkward and don’t know what to do. But overall I would suggest bolt it was super cute and good food.


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