Swing Dance

So this last week I went and tried, for the first time, taking a Beginner Swing Class.   Surprisingly to me, I was the only one in the class. Unfortunately they told me that this meant that although it was supposed to be a 45min class they told me it was now a 30min class. I was not really a fan of this because of course it wasn’t any cheaper, but whatever. One thing that made me really nervous before class was I had NO IDEA WHAT TO WEAR. I am not a dancer and most definitely don’t have dance shoes. I eventually went with a just above the knee skirt with shorts under and a workout tank. As far as shoes go I wore a pair that I already had that were a thin oxford style that looks a bit like jazz shoes but have no where near the traction which I quickly learned.  But it seemed like it didn’t really matter what I wore. So because I was the only person I danced with the instructor the whole time. He was very nice and taught me some basic moves. It was a lot of fun but I think I would have enjoyed it more in a group.  But overall it was tons of fun, but I would probably need a lot more classes before I could actually even say I could barely swing Dance, but I look forward to learning.